NASA expects to cover JWST launch slip with budget reserves

Alien Civilization Calculator

Large H2O solubility in dense silica and its implications for the interiors of water-rich planets

Photochemistry of Anoxic Abiotic Habitable Planet Atmospheres: Impact of New H2O Cross Sections

Analysis of HAT-P-23 b, Qatar-1 b, WASP-2 b, and WASP-33 b with an Optimized EXOplanet Transit Interpretation Code

Atmospheric Regimes and Trends on Exoplanets and Brown Dwarfs

EarthFinder Probe Mission Concept Study: Characterizing nearby stellar exoplanet systems with Earth-mass analogs for future direct imaging

Breakthrough Listen Search for Technosignatures Towards the Kepler-160 System

TRAPPIST-1: Global Results of the Spitzer Exploration Science Program {\it Red Worlds}

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