NASA confirms JWST will miss March 2021 launch date

Information Content of JWST NIRSpec Transmission Spectra of Warm Neptunes

Coupled Thermal and Compositional Evolution of Photoevaporating Planet Envelopes

Curvature Invariants for Wormholes and Warped Spacetimes

Using the Interstellar Probe to Decipher Exoplanet Signatures of Our Planets from the Very Local Interstellar Medium

Assessing Spectra and Thermal Inversions due to TiO in Hot Jupiter Atmospheres

Indications for very high metallicity and absence of methane for the eccentric exo-Saturn WASP-117b

Planetary thermal evolution models with tectonic transitions

Architectures of Exoplanetary Systems. II: An Increase in Inner Planetary System Occurrence Towards Later Spectral Types for Kepler’s FGK Dwarfs

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