May 8, 2020 updates

Dynamic Orbital Slingshot for Rendezvous with Interstellar Objects

Deceleration of Interstellar Spacecraft Utilizing Antimatter

Biosignature Surveys to Exoplanet Yields and Beyond

Design considerations for relativistic laser sails

Simulating the Multi-Epoch Direct Detection Technique to Isolate the Thermal Emission of the Non-Transiting Hot Jupiter HD187123B

Modeling Radial Velocity Data of Resonant Planets to Infer Migration Histories

The PHOENIX Exoplanet Retrieval Algorithm and Using H− Opacity as a Probe in Ultra-hot Jupiters

Oxidation of the Interiors of Carbide Exoplanets

The GAPS Programme at TNG — XXIII. HD 164922 d: a close-in super-Earth discovered with HARPS-N in a system with a long-period Saturn mass companion

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