Investigating the Development of Hot Jupiters and Rogue Planets through Universe Sandbox 2

A linear formation-flying astronomical interferometer in low Earth orbit

Constraints on Metastable Helium in the Atmospheres of WASP-69b and WASP-52b with Ultranarrowband Photometry

Demonstrating high-precision photometry with a CubeSat: ASTERIA observations of 55 Cancri e

Scheduling ESPRESSO follow-up of TESS Targets. I. Myopic versus non-myopic sampling

Enrichment of the HR 8799 planets by minor bodies and dust

Following the TraCS of exoplanets with Pan-Planets: Wendelstein-1b and Wendelstein-2b

Obliquity Constraints on an Extrasolar Planetary-Mass Companion

The Effect of Substellar Continent Size on Ocean Dynamics of Proxima Centauri b

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