March 11, 2020 updates

Hermeneutics as the Methodology of Interpretation of Languages and Texts of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Photonic crystal lightsail with nonlinear reflectivity for increased stability

Comparing focal plane wavefront control techniques:\Numerical simulations and laboratory experiments

Architectures of Exoplanetary Systems. II: An Intrinsic Relation between Planetary System Occurrence and Spectral Type for Kepler’s FGK Dwarfs

Searching the Entirety of Kepler Data. I. 17 New Planet Candidates Including 1 Habitable Zone World

Probability of simultaneous parallax detection for free-floating planet microlensing events near Galactic Centre

LHS 1815b: The First Thick-Disk Planet Detected By TESS

Detection of Fe I and Fe II in the atmosphere of MASCARA-2b using a cross-correlation method

Searching for Thermal Inversion Agents in the Transmission Spectrum of MASCARA-2b/KELT-20b: Detection of Neutral Iron and Ionised Calcium H&K Lines

Modelling the He I triplet absorption at 10830 Angstroms in the atmosphere of HD 209458 b

Re-inflation of warm and hot Jupiters

Dynamical evolution of close-in binary systems formed by a super-earth and its host star

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