Case Study of an Interstellar Mission to Luhman 16: Unmanned Interstellar Probe Powered by Gas Core Nuclear Reactors

On A Hypothetical Mechanism of Interstellar Life Transfer Trough Nomadic Objects

A crucial test for astronomical spectrograph calibration with frequency combs

Kepler-1661 b: A Neptune-sized Kepler Transiting Circumbinary Planet around a Grazing Eclipsing Binar

GJ 1252 b: A 1.2 R ⊕ Planet Transiting an M3 Dwarf at 20.4 pc

Planetary evolution with atmospheric photoevaporation I. Analytical derivation and numerical study of the evaporation valley and transition from super-Earths to sub-Neptunes

The Impact of Planetary Rotation Rate on the Reflectance and Thermal Emission Spectrum of Terrestrial Exoplanets Around Sun-like Stars

Occurrence Rates of Planets Orbiting M Stars: Applying ABC to Kepler DR25, Gaia DR2, and 2MASS Data

The continuing search for evidence of tidal orbital decay of hot Jupiters

Non-detection of TiO and VO in the atmosphere of WASP-121b using high-resolution spectroscopy

Occurrence and Architecture of Kepler Planetary Systems as Functions of Stellar Mass and Effective Temperature

Unveiling cloudy exoplanets: the influence of cloud model choices on retrieval solutions

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