December 24, 2019 updates

Dispersed Matter Planet Project discoveries of ablating planets orbiting nearby bright stars

An ablating 2.6 M⊕ planet in an eccentric binary from the Dispersed Matter Planet Project

A compact multi-planet system around a bright nearby star from the Dispersed Matter Planet Project

TOI 564 b and TOI 905 b: Grazing and Fully Transiting Hot Jupiters Discovered by TESS

A search for the origin of the interstellar comet 2I/Borisov

Gemini-GRACES high-quality spectra of Kepler evolved stars with transiting planets I. Detailed characterization of multi-planet systems Kepler-278 and Kepler-391

The Detectability and Constraints of Biosignature Gases in the Near & Mid-Infrared from Transit Transmission Spectroscopy

Orbital Stability of Circumstellar Planets in Binary Systems

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