Telescope Technology Needs for HabEx and LUVOIR

Extremophiles: a special or general case in the search for extra-terrestrial life?

Circumbinary Planetary Systems in the Solar Neighborhood: Stability and Habitability

NASA Instrument to Probe Planet Clouds on European Mission

Unravelling the neural network of torpor


HyDRA-H: Simultaneous Hybrid Retrieval of Exoplanetary Emission Spectra

Toward a More Complex Description of Chemical Profiles in Exoplanet Retrievals: A Two-layer Parameterization

New aluminium hydroxide at multimegabar pressures: Implications for water reservoirs in deep planetary interiors

CEESA meets machine learning: A Constant Elasticity Earth Similarity Approach to habitability and classification of exoplanets

Idealised simulations of the deep atmosphere of hot jupiters: Deep, hot, adiabats as a robust solution to the radius inflation problem

Revisited Mass-Radius relations for exoplanets below 120 Earth masses

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