September 23, 2019 updates

Principles of Space Anthropology

Prevalence of Fibonacci numbers in orbital period ratios in solar planetary and satellite systems and in exoplanetary systems

Transition from eyeball to snowball driven by sea-ice drift on tidally locked terrestrial planets

Combining high-contrast imaging and radial velocities to constrain the planetary architectures of nearby stars

Tidal response of rocky and ice-rich exoplanets

Water vapor detection in the transmission spectra of HD 209458 b with the CARMENES NIR channel

Searching for a cometary belt around Trappist-1 with ALMA

An Empirical Mass-Radius Relation for Cool Giant Planets

Doppler tomography as a tool for detecting exoplanet atmospheres

Resonant Laplace-Lagrange theory for extrasolar systems in mean-motion resonance

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