August 28, 2019 updates

Radial Velocity Discovery of an Eccentric Jovian World Orbiting at 18 au

Extremophilic models for astrobiology: haloarchaeal survival strategies and pigments for remote sensing

Telescope for NASA’s WFIRST Mission Advances to New Phase of Development

An empirical infrared transit spectrum of Earth: opacity windows and biosignatures

Light Curve Analysis of Ground-Based Data from Exoplanets Transit Database

Project BMK10k: Zeiss Ballistische Messkammer with a 10k × 10k CCD for ground‐based PLATO support

From cold to hot irradiated gaseous exoplanets: Fingerprints of chemical disequilibrium in atmospheric spectra

New thermodynamic constraints on internal, thermal and magnetic states of terrestrial-like Super-Earths

KMT-2016-BLG-1836Lb: A Super-Jovian Planet From A High-Cadence Microlensing Field

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