Interstellar Probe: Highway to the stars

A Conceptual Framework for Breakthrough Technologies

Preliminary Calculations of Particle Bombardment Physics due to Dust and Charged Particles in the Interstellar Medium on the Breakthrough Initiatives Project Starshot Gram-Scale Interstellar Probe

Measuring Dust Impact Effects in the Interstellar Mediumfor the 1000 AU Interstellar Probe Mission

The Hubble Space Telescope PanCET Program: Exospheric Mg ii and Fe ii in the Near-ultraviolet Transmission Spectrum of WASP-121b Using Jitter Decorrelation

Analyzing Atmospheric Temperature Profiles and Spectra of M dwarf Rocky Planets

Identifying Candidate Atmospheres on Rocky M dwarf Planets via Eclipse Photometry

A Scaling Theory for Atmospheric Heat Redistribution on Rocky Exoplanets

Identifying Atmospheres on Rocky Exoplanets Through Inferred High Albedo

Hot Hydrogen Climates near the inner edge of the Habitable Zone

The Habitability of GJ 357 d : Possible Climates and Observability

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