Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry: Applications for the In Situ Measurement of Nonvolatile Organics at Ocean Worlds

NASA’s TESS Mission Completes First Year of Survey, Turns to Northern Sky

Atmospheric characterization of the ultra-hot Jupiter MASCARA-2b/KELT-20b – Detection of CaII, FeII, NaI, and the Balmer series of H (Hα, Hβ, and Hγ) with high-dispersion transit spectroscopy

The runaway greenhouse radius inflation effect – An observational diagnostic to probe water on Earth-sized planets and test the habitable zone concept

K2-146: Discovery of Planet c, Precise Masses from Transit Timing, and Observed Precession

Setting the Stage for the Planet Formation Imager

Detection of Hundreds of New Planet Candidates and Eclipsing Binaries in K2 Campaigns 0-8

The Bio-habitable Zone and atmospheric properties for Planets of Red Dwarfs

Classifying Exoplanet Candidates with Convolutional Neural Networks: Application to the Next Generation Transit Survey

It takes two planets in resonance to tango around K2-146

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