Deciphering Biosignatures in Planetary Contexts

KELT-23Ab: A Hot Jupiter Transiting a Near-solar Twin Close to the TESS and JWST Continuous Viewing Zones

EXOFASTv2: A public, generalized, publication-quality exoplanet modeling code

High-Contrast Testbeds for Future Space-Based Direct Imaging Exoplanet Missions

The Future of Exoplanet Direct Detection

A Realistic Roadmap to Formation Flying Space Interferometry

Multicolour photometry for exoplanet candidate validation

Genetic Algorithms for Starshade Retargeting in Space-Based Telescopes

Orbital Evolution of a Circumbinary Planet in a Gaseous Disk

Habitability and Spectroscopic Observability of Warm M-dwarf Exoplanets Evaluated with a 3D Chemistry-Climate Model

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