Constraining Exoplanet Metallicities and Aerosols with ARIEL: An Independent Study by the Contribution to ARIEL Spectroscopy of Exoplanets (CASE) Team

‘First light’ achieved on upgraded planet-finding instrument to search for Earth-like planets in nearest star system

A Hot Saturn Near (but unassociated with) the Open Cluster NGC 1817

A Pathfinder for Imaging Extrasolar Earths from the Ground

Securing the legacy of TESS through the care and maintenance of TESS planet ephemerides

Stable diffractive beam rider

Nonparametric Approach to Weak Signal Detection in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

Dyson Sphere Research Paper

The Degree of Alignment Between Circumbinary Disks and Their Binary Hosts

Probing Extrasolar Planetary Systems with Interstellar Meteors

KELT-24b: A 5MJ Planet on a 5.6 day Well-Aligned Orbit around the Young V=8.3 F-star HD 93148

Analysis of putative exoplanetary signatures found in light curves of two sdBV stars observed by Kepler

The runaway greenhouse radius inflation effect – An observational diagnostic to probe water on Earth-size planets and test the Habitable Zone concept

A Probabilistic Approach to Kepler Completeness and Reliability for Exoplanet Occurrence Rates

Modeling the light curve of `Oumuamua: evidence for torque and disc-like shape

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