Advanced Diffractive MetaFilm Sailcraft NIAC Phase I Final Report

Nuclear microbomb propulsion for manned deep space exploration with return travel

Formation Design of Distributed Telescopes in Earth Orbit for Astrophysics Applications

Transit-period search from single-event space-based data: the role of wide-field surveys

An Ensemble of Bayesian Neural Networks for Exoplanetary Atmospheric Retrieval

Characterization of the L 98-59 multi-planetary system with HARPS: two confirmed terrestrial planets and a mass upper limit on the third

The Revised TESS Input Catalog and Candidate Target List

Constraints on HD113337 fundamental parameters and planetary system. Combining long-base visible interferometry, disk imaging and high-contrast imaging

Precise photometric transit follow-up observations of five close-in exoplanets : update on their physical properties

Gradient-index Solar Sail and its Optimal Orbital Control

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