Solar System Escape Mission with Solar Sail Spacecraft within a Framework of post-Newtonian Gravitational Theory

Do Alien Industrial Civilisations Exist?

Heat Transfer in Fusion Starship Radiation Shielding Systems

Stellar encounters with Giant Molecular Clouds

Precision characterization of the TESS CCD detectors: Quantum efficiency, charge blooming and undershoot effects

Global climate by Rossby number in the Solar system planets

Equatorial Kelvin-like waves on slowly rotating and/or small-sized spheres: Application to Venus and Titan

The binary mass ratios of circumbinary planet hosts

Astro 2020 Science White Paper: Evolved Planetary Systems around White Dwarfs

Transiting Planets near the Snow Line from Kepler. I. Catalog

Stars and exoplanets in Stokes IQUV: a decadal opportunity for HIRES at the ELT

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