March 8, 2019 updates

“Goldilocks” Stars May Be “Just Right” for Finding Habitable Worlds

The K Dwarf Advantage for Biosignatures on Directly Imaged Exoplanets

A Jovian planet in an eccentric 11.5 day orbit around HD 1397 discovered by TESS

Detecting exoplanets with FAST?

Planet-planet scattering as the source of the highest eccentricity exoplanets

WASP-4b Arrived Early for the TESS Mission

Helium Absorption at 1083 nm from Extended Exoplanet Atmospheres: Dependence on Stellar Radiation

Physical properties and transmission spectrum of the WASP-74 planetary system from multi-band photometry

WASP-92, WASP-93 and WASP-118: Transit timing variations and long-term stability of the systems

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