March 4, 2019 updates

Handbook of Astrobiology

Detection and Doppler monitoring of K2-285 (EPIC 246471491), a system of four transiting planets smaller than Neptune

KELT-23b: A Hot Jupiter Transiting a Near-Solar Twin Close to the TESS and JWST Continuous Viewing Zones

Mass-Radius relationship for M dwarf exoplanets: Comparing nonparametric and parametric methods

A Spectroscopic Analysis of the California-Kepler Survey Sample: I. Stellar Parameters, Planetary Radii and a Slope in the Radius Gap

Exoplanet host-star properties: the active environment of exoplanets

From Dark Energy to Exolife: Improving the Digital Information Infrastructure for Astrophysics

Using Deep Neural Networks to compute the mass of forming planets

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