March 25, 2019 updates

Looking for Lurkers

HD 213885b: A transiting 1-day-period super-Earth with an Earth-like composition around a bright (V=7.9) star unveiled by TESS

Terran World Spectral Simulator

Understanding Exoplanet Atmospheres with UV Observations I: NUV and Blue/Optical

The Metal-Rich Atmosphere of the Neptune HAT-P-26b

eleanor: An open-source tool for extracting light curves from the TESS Full-Frame Images

Precise radial velocities of giant stars. XII. Evidence against the proposed planet Aldebaran b

Characterizing the Atmospheres of Irradiated Exoplanets at High Spectral Resolution

The Weird Detector: Flagging periodic, coherent signals of arbitrary shape in time series photometry

Qatar Exoplanet Survey: Qatar-8b, 9b and 10b — A Hot Saturn and Two Hot Jupiters

Imaging Cool Giant Planets in Reflected Light: Science Investigations and Synergy with Habitable Planets

On possible types of magnetospheres of hot Jupiters

The role of dissipative evolution for three-planet, near-resonant extrasolar systems

Detecting Earth-like Biosignatures on Rocky Exoplanets around Nearby Stars with Ground-based Extremely Large Telescopes

The Pointing Limits of Transiting Exoplanet Light Curve Characterization with Pixel Level De-correlation

Self-stabilizing laser sails based on optical metasurfaces

High-Drag Interstellar Objects And Galactic Dynamical Streams

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