Rethinking CO Antibiosignatures in the Search for Life Beyond the Solar System

Transit Lyman-α signatures of terrestrial planets in the habitable zones of M dwarfs

The Asteroseismic Target List for Solar-like Oscillators Observed in 2 minute Cadence with the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

Self-luminous and irradiated exoplanetary atmospheres explored with HELIOS

On the Use of Planetary Science Data for Studying Extrasolar Planets

Reconstructing Extreme Space Weather from Planet Hosting Stars

On the Dynamics of Comets in Extrasolar Planetary Systems

Characterizing Transiting Exoplanets with JWST Guaranteed Time and ERS Observations

Long-Period Giant Companions to Three Compact, Multiplanet Systems

The habitability of stagnant-lid Earths around dwarf stars

Consequences of Tidal Dissipation in a Putative Venusian Ocean

New Frontiers for Terrestrial-sized to Neptune-sized Exoplanets In the Era of Extremely Large Telescopes

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