This is a special edition of the interstellar updates, due to the American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2018 abstracts just having come to our attention.

Interstellar Probe: A New Mission for a New Decade

Interstellar Probe: The Compelling Science Case, Strawman Payload and Resources

Ion and Neutral Gas Mass Spectrometer Instrument for the Future NASA Interstellar Probe Mission

The Case for a Radio and Plasma Wave Receiver on an Interstellar Probe

Interstellar Express: A New Chinese Space Mission to Explore the Outer Heliosphere

Overview of the Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP) Mission

Surveying the edge of our solar system and the interstellar interaction with IMAP

Precise Measurement of the Interstellar Flow with IMAP, Informed by IBEX Observations

Critical Subsystem Analysis for a 1000 AU Interstellar Pathfinder Mission

Outer Boundary Explorations: Using New Space Launch Vehicles To Explore The Edge Of The Solar System and Beyond

Enabling a Solar System Escape Mission via The NASA Space Launch System

The Habitable Zone: Intended Applications, Controversial Misapplications, and Needed Improvements

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