Young planets orbiting red dwarfs may lack ingredients for life

NASA’s TESS Rounds Up its First Planets, Snares Far-flung Supernovae

Why planetary and exoplanetary protection differ: The case of long duration genesis missions to habitable but sterile M-dwarf oxygen planets

Transit Least Squares: An optimized transit detection algorithm to search for periodic transits of small planets

Killing Planet Candidates with EVEREST

Time-resolved image polarimetry of Trappist-1 during planetary transits

The Rise of ROME (Radio Observations of Magnetized Exoplanets) I. A Multiwavelength Analysis of the Star-Planet Interaction in the HD 189733 System

Assessing the Intrinsic Uncertainty and Structural Stability of Planetary Models: 1) Parameterized Thermal-Tectonic History Models

The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs – The enigmatic planetary system GJ 4276: One eccentric planet or two planets in a 2:1 resonance?

The secondary transit of the hot Jupiter WASP-121b at 2 μm

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