The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets – XLIV. Eight HARPS multi-planet systems hosting 20 super-Earth and Neptune-mass companions

High-resolution confirmation of an extended helium atmosphere around WASP-107b

Giant planets and brown dwarfs on wide orbits: a code comparison project

Gas flow around a planet embedded in a protoplanetary disc: the dependence on the planetary mass

Low-Eccentricity Formation of Ultra-Short Period Planets in Multi-Planet Systems

Truly eccentric. I. Revisiting eight single-eccentric planetary systems

Truly eccentric. II. When can two circular planets mimic a single eccentric orbit?

Transit timing variations, radial velocities and long-term dynamical stability of the system Kepler-410

Origin of life’s building blocks in Carbon and Nitrogen rich surface hydrothermal vents

Rapid falling of an orbiting moon to its parent planet due to tidal-seismic resonance

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