December 20, 2018 updates

K2-264: A transiting multi-planet system in the Praesepe open cluster

The Atmospheric Radiation Interaction Simulator (AtRIS) – Description and Validation

The early instability scenario: terrestrial planet formation during the giant planet instability, and the effect of collisional fragmentation

HATS-54b-HATS-58Ab: five new transiting hot Jupiters including one with a possible temperate companion

Circumstellar dust distribution in systems with two planets in resonance

Modeling star-planet interactions in far-out planetary and exoplanetary systems

SPHERE dynamical and spectroscopic characterization of HD142527B

Detection of Periodicity Based on Independence Tests – IV. Phase Distance Correlation Periodogram for Two-Dimensional Astrometry

The independent discovery of planet candidates around low mass stars and astrophysical false positives from the first two TESS sectors

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