Activity induced variation in spin-orbit angles as derived from Rossiter–McLaughlin measurements

Grid of upper atmosphere models for 1–40 M⊕ planets: application to CoRoT-7 b and HD 219134 b,c

On the robustness of analysis techniques for molecular detections using high resolution exoplanet spectroscopy

TESS full orbital phase curve of the WASP-18b system

Life Before Fermi – Back to the Solar System

Evolution of star-planet systems under magnetic braking and tidal interaction

Comprehensive analysis of HD 105, a young Solar System analog

Re-analysing the dynamical stability of the HD 47366 planetary system

The polarization of the planet-hosting WASP-18 system

Seismicity on Tidally Active Solid-Surface Worlds

Artificial Intelligence for Interstellar Travel

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