Scientists push back against Harvard ‘alien spacecraft’ theory

Prospects for TTV Detection and Dynamical Constraints with TESS

Ground-based Spectroscopy of the Exoplanet XO-2b using a Systematic Wavelength Calibration

Techniques for Finding Close-in, Low-mass Planets around Subgiants

Vortex fiber nulling for exoplanet observations. I. Experimental demonstration in monochromatic light

Detecting Unresolved Binaries in TESS Data with Speckle Imaging

HD 1397b: a transiting warm giant planet orbiting a V = 7.8 mag sub-giant star discovered by TESS

Atmospheric mass loss from hot Jupiters irradiated by stellar superflares

Predicting Exoplanets Mass and Radius: A Nonparametric Approach

Tidal synchronization of close-in satellites and exoplanets. III. Tidal dissipation revisited and application to Enceladus

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