Mass, Radius, and Composition of the Transiting Planet 55 Cnc e: Using Interferometry and Correlations—A Quick Update

Evaluating the effect of immeasurable parameters of exoplanets on their habitability using latitudinal energy balance model

A deep search for planets in the inner 15 au around Vega

A Large Ground-Based Observing Campaign of the Disintegrating Planet K2-22b

PlanetPack3: a radial-velocity and transit analysis tool for exoplanets

TESS Discovery of an ultra-short-period planet around the nearby M dwarf LHS 3844

How Much SETI Has Been Done? Finding Needles in the n-Dimensional Cosmic Haystack

Triboelectrification of KCl and ZnS particles in approximated exoplanet environments

Recommendations from the Ad Hoc Committee on SETI Nomenclature

The KELT Follow-Up Network and Transit False Positive Catalog: Pre-vetted False Positives for TESS

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