Scaling Laws of Ion Acceleration in Ultrathin Foils Driven by Laser Radiation Pressure

QED cascade in a plane electromagnetic wave

Ground- and Space-based Detection of the Thermal Emission Spectrum of the Transiting Hot Jupiter KELT-2Ab

Survivability of Moon Systems Around Ejected Gas Giants

Stellar pulsation and granulation as noise sources in exoplanet transit spectroscopy in the ARIEL space mission

TESS Discovery of a Transiting Super-Earth in the Π Mensae System

Disentangling Blended K2 Photometry: Determining the Planetary Host Star

Exoplanet Modulation of Stellar Coronal Radio Emission

Stable equatorial ice belts at high obliquity in a coupled atmosphere-ocean model

A Framework for Prioritizing the TESS Planetary Candidates Most Amenable to Atmospheric Characterization

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