Nanophotonic Heterostructures for Efficient Propulsionand Radiative Cooling of Relativistic Light Sails

Tardigrade Indexing approach on exoplanets

Spacecraft With Interstellar Medium Momentum Exchange Reactions: The potential and limitations of propellantless interstellar travel

Quasi-secular evolution of mildly hierarchical triple systems: analytics and applications for GW-sources and hot Jupiters

Extreme precision photometry from the ground with beam-shaping diffusers for K2, TESS and beyond

Multi-Wavelength High-Resolution Spectroscopy for Exoplanet Detection: Motivation, Instrumentation and First Results

New Insights into Cosmic Ray induced Biosignature Chemistry in Earth-like Atmospheres

Two decades of Exoplanetary Science with Adaptive Optics

Exocomets in the Proxima Centauri system and their importance for water transport

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