Pros and Cons of Classification of Exoplanets: In Search for the Right Habitability Metric

Curvature Invariants for Lorentzian Traversable Wormholes

NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft Pauses Science Observations to Download Science Data

The Artificial Inducement of a Local Space Warp Bubble Using a VEM Drive

A trip to the moon might constrain the Fermi Paradox

Interior structure models and fluid Love numbers of exoplanets in the super-Earth regime

TTV-determined Masses for Warm Jupiters and their Close Planetary Companions

The influence of stellar flare on dynamical state of the atmosphere of exoplanet HD 209458

Giant planet effects on terrestrial planet formation and system architecture

Minimizing the bias in exoplanet detection – application to radial velocities of LHS 1140

Simple geometric approximations for global atmospheres on moderately oblate planets

Predicted microlensing events from analysis of Gaia Data Release 2

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