Kepler Object of Interest Network II. Photodynamical modelling of Kepler-9 over 8 years of transit observations

Photoevaporation and High-Eccentricity Migration Created the Sub-Jovian Desert

The warm Neptunes around HD 106315 have low stellar obliquities

Sunscreen: Photometric Signatures of Galaxies Partially Cloaked in Dyson Spheres

The Impact of Stellar Distances on Habitable Zone Planets

The orbital eccentricity of small planet systems

Stellar contributions in the line-profiles of high-resolution transmission spectra of exoplanets

The GJ 504 system revisited. Combining interferometric, radial velocity, and high contrast imaging data

The TROY project: II. Multi-technique constraints on exotrojans in nine planetary systems

An asteroseismic view of the radius valley: stripped cores, not born rocky

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