Space, Architecture, and Science Fiction: An Architectural Interpretation of Space Colonization

NASA faces funding challenge for JWST in future years

Rio 2.0: revising the Rio scale for SETI detections

High-energy environment of super-Earth 55 Cancri e – I. Far-UV chromospheric variability as a possible tracer of planet-induced coronal rain

A Search for Exoplanets around Northern Circumpolar Stars. IV. Six Planet Candidates to the K Giants, HD 44385, HD 97619, HD 106574, HD 118904, HD 164428, and HD 202432

Chromatic transit light curves of disintegrating rocky planets

The HOSTS Survey for Exozodiacal Dust: Preliminary results and future prospects

Prospects for the characterisation of exo-zodiacal dust with the VLTI

Atmospheric Circulation of Brown Dwarfs and Jupiter and Saturn-like Planets: Zonal Jets, Long-term Variability, and QBO-type Oscillations

Color Classification of Extrasolar Giant Planets: Prospects and Cautions

SPOTS: The Search for Planets Orbiting Two Stars. III. Complete Sample and Statistical Analysis

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