Chemo-kinematic ages of eccentric-planet-hosting M dwarf stars

Search for Extra-Galactic Intelligence Signal Synchronized with a Binary Neutron Star Merger

Metallicity-Dependent Signatures in the Kepler Planets

Exoplanet science with a space-based mid-infrared nulling interferometer

What Does “Metallicity” Mean When Interpreting Spectra of Exoplanetary Atmospheres?

Atmospheric Circulation and Thermal Phase-Curve Offset of Tidally and Non-Tidally Locked Terrestrial Exoplanets

Discovery of three new transiting hot Jupiters: WASP-161 b, WASP-163 b and WASP-170 b

MOPSS I: Flat Optical Spectra for the Hot Jupiters WASP-4 b and WASP-52b

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