Medium-resolution integral-field spectroscopy for high-contrast exoplanet imaging: Molecule maps of the beta Pictoris system with SINFONI

The effects of Poynting–Robertson drag on solar sails

A Game of Stars: Active SETI, Radical Translation and the Hobbesian Trap

Dwarf carbon stars are likely metal-poor binaries and unlikely hosts to carbon planets

Stability of exomoons around the Kepler transiting circumbinary planets

EPIC 246911830 b: a hot Jupiter transiting an F star, and EPIC 201498078 b: a warm Saturn around a bright G star

A Planetary Microlensing Event with an Unusually Red Source Star: MOA-2011-BLG-291

Chemical abundances of neutron capture elements in exoplanet-hosting stars

Formation of hot Jupiters through disk migration and evolving stellar tides

The astrometric signal of microlensing events caused by free floating planets

Exploring exomoon atmospheres with an idealized general circulation model

The clock of chemical evolution

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