The Anthropocene Generalized: Evolution of Exo-Civilizations and Their Planetary Feedback

First light for SPIRou, exoplanet hunter

Imagining Outer Space: European Astroculture in the Twentieth Century

Measuring Eta_Earth: Characterization of Terrestrial Planetary Systems with Kepler, HARPS-N, and Gaia

A Kinematical Detection of Two Jupiter Mass Planets

Buildup of Abiotic Oxygen and Ozone in Moist Atmospheres of Temperate Terrestrial Exoplanets and its Impact on the Spectral Fingerprint in Transit Observations

Migration-driven diversity of super-Earth compositions

NGTS-2b: An inflated hot-Jupiter transiting a bright F-dwarf

Photochemical Haze Formation in the Atmospheres of super-Earths and mini-Neptunes

Non-Detection of a Helium Exosphere for the Hot Jupiter WASP-12b

Planet Formation in Highly Inclined Binary Systems. II. Orbital Alignment or Anti-alignment and Planet Growth Boost in Intermediate Separation Binaries

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