Open positions

Membership Registrar

  • Responsible for accounting for annual dues, reports, and coordinating with the Membership Coordinator on members.
  • Supporting the Membership Coordinator on questions and new initiatives.
  • Maintaining and updating membership records and perform data cleanup tasks as needed to ensure accurate membership records.
  • Collecting demographic data, tracking membership statistics, and preparing reports.
  • Printing membership cards or coordinating to make them digitally available.
  • Keeping members information confidential and secure.

Membership Communications

  • Responsible for handling common tasks related to membership communications.
  • Assist in the creation and distribution of ongoing membership recruitment and retention materials for the Membership Coordinator.
  • Coordinate membership social media strategy with the Publicity Chair.
  • Maintain integrity of organization branding.
  • Coordinate with Webmaster to ensure website content remains updated and request changes as necessary.

Deputy Membership Coordinator

  • Assist Membership Coordinator in the following duties:
  • Support planning and coordination of programs and services and their related activities.
  • Develop long-range vision for membership program expansion internationally.

Applications Administrator

  • Responsible for keeping all IRG-installed software updated
  • Responsible for installing any desired add-ons or plugins and verifying their function
  • Responsible for backing up data and verifying restore on the various systems regularly
  • If any application fails or throws errors, the applications administrator is responsible for investigating the problems and resolving them.

Services Administrator

  • Responsible for overseeing all IRG-contracted virtual services, such as email, database services, Freedcamp project management services, etc.
  • Responsible for ensuring backup of important data, monitoring and of individual accounts, and alerting account holders of current or incipient problems (overuse of resources, etc.).
  • Coordinates with Publicity Chair to ensure continuity of IRG organizational account ownership.

Art Director

  • The Art Director creates the organization’s consistent visual brand.
  • Responsible for imagery and/or photos suitable for use in From Here to the Stars, or articles within Have Starship, Will Travel.
  • Responsible for coordinating with the Publicity Director for artwork on social media content.
  • Will maintain copyright/fair use documents with the webmaster.
  • Responsible for uploading and arranging photos from all IRG events to Photos should be arranged logically, duplicates or near-duplicates removed at the administrator’s discretion, and any annotations desired (captions, etc.) made. This can be done with previous galleries on the site also, if possible.

Social Media Content Copywriter

  • Responsible for writing copy for regular posts about IRG events, videos, and other items of interest to our organizational social media accounts.
  • Responsible for tracking and linking relevant hashtags for posts.
  • Responsible for writing descriptions for From Here to the Stars YouTube videos.
  • Monitor for new and burgeoning social media networks to expand the IRG presence.


  • The webmaster designs (in conjunction with the Art Director) the UI and content on the IRG website, ensuring a rational and intuitive experience, accessibility of all on-site resources, and updating of all non-static webpages. This includes the Soapbox section, Sponsorships section, and Front Page content.
  • Maintain access credentials for membership-gated content.
  • IRG currently utilizes a WordPress-based template system. The webmaster should periodically check for un-linked media files, webpages, etc. and remove such.
  • Management of stored media, in conjunction with the Publicity Chair to ensure access of files needed for press releases, newsletters, and other public content.

Interstellar Journalist

  • Responsible for interviewing professionals highlighted in the Interstellar Updates and writing brief pop science pieces centering on the research papers, appealing to a generally educated, science-interested audience.