Keywords and meaning

These are the keywords we use for the various update items. We don’t usually use more than three keywords per item, and for many items only one.

Astrobiology – About life outside our planetary system, or the search for it. This is separate from SETI, the search for intelligence.

Atmosphere – About the atmospheres of exoplanets.

Catalog – About catalogs of various types of interstellar objects.

Climate – About surface conditions on explanets.

Communications – About communicating over interstellar distances. This doesn’t include METI (messaging extraterrestrial intelligence) unless the paper is specific about communications methods.

Data Analysis – About analyses of data that show reportable results not immediately evident from the data.

Data Parsing Methodology – About methods of examining and analyzing raw data to prise out information found in them.

Exoplanets – About specific exoplanets. We only apply this if a specific planet or planetary system is part of the focus of the paper.

Finance – About financing of missions, instruments, etc.

Hot-Jupiter – About gas giant planets orbiting close to their host stars.

Instrumentation – About instruments used in interstellar observations of any sort.

Interloper – About interstellar objects entering our planetary system.

Internal Structure – About subsurface conditions on exoplanets.

Mission Design – About the design of specific missions, either interstellar probes or spacecraft, or interstellar observatories within our planetary system.

Observational Technique – About methods of observing interstellar objects for useful data.

Operations – About procedures involved in interstellar observation or exploration, specific to the instrument or mission the paper is about.

Philosophy – About moral, existential, or other non-scientific questions having to do with interstellar topics.

Planet-Planet Dynamics – About the effects (primarily gravitational) of sub-stellar objects upon each other in the same planetary system.

Politics – About political maneuvering around programs or instruments.

Propulsion – About methods of propulsion that could power interstellar spacecraft.

Relativistic – About propulsion methods that can accelerate spacecraft to significant portions of light speed.

Sail – About beamed power systems of all types, including papers about maneuvering, deceleration, etc.

SETI – About the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, broadly construed.

Software – About computer programs or procedures used in interstellar observations or instrument or spacecraft control.

Star-Planet Dynamics – About the effects (primarily gravitational) of the central star and planets upon each other in the same planetary system.

Star-Star Dynamics – About the effects (primarily gravitational) of stars upon each other, either in the same planetary system or when passing each other.

Sub-Neptune – About planets roughly 10 Mearth. This is a very rough definition, and usually the papers will identify the planets referred to as sub-neptunes or mini-neptunes.

Survival in Space – About research into long-term survival of humans in space, either physiological, psychological, or social.

Super-Earth – About “super-earth” (up to about 4 Mearth) planets. This is a very rough definition, and usually the papers will identify the planets referred to as super-earths.

Theory & Modeling – About speculative ideas of how interstellar objects look or act, and testable models of such looks or actions