LSI Overview and Eagleworks Research and Development Activities

Author: Harold “Sonny” White

Description: The Limitless Space Institute’s mission is to inspire and educate the next generation to travel beyond our solar system and to support the research and development of enabling technologies. Our pinnacle objective is to enable interstellar travel by the end of the century. Our organization is a “doing” organization, and we have implemented programs that are geared to aggressively pursue this mission and pinnacle objective. This talk will provide an overview of the Limitless Space Institute and highlight the program elements that have been implemented to support the pursuit of our objective.

  • The Interstellar Initiative Grants program is a biennial program implemented to provide an opportunity for teams to proposed R&D activities to explore advanced power and propulsion concepts that are transformative.
  • The Eagleworks Laboratory is our in-house R&D entity that is currently funded by DARPA DSO to explore some power and propulsion implications of the dynamic vacuum model as applied to some customized Casimir cavities.
  • The University Partnerships program seeks to colaborate with universities to jointly pursue mutual areas of interest from leading edge of power & propulsion related physics to enable human exploration of the stars.
  • Our student programs engage students with our in-house R&D activities, engage students remotely for mentoring, give lectures/presentations to interns, and offer custom-developed classes.