Interstellar Updates

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April 18, 2019 updates

Polynesian Civilization and the Future Colonization of Space

The CORALIE survey for southern extrasolar planets XVIII Three new massive planets and two low mass brown dwarfs at separation larger than 5 AU

Stellar activity and planetary atmosphere evolution in tight binary star systems

Could there be an undetected inner planet near the stability limit in Kepler-1647?

NGTS-6b: An Ultra Hot-Jupiter Orbiting a Metal-rich star

Linking the evolution of terrestrial interiors and an early outgassed atmosphere to astrophysical observations

April 17, 2019 updates

Foundations of Interstellar Studies Workshop 2019

Planetary Exploration, Horizon 2061

Discovery of a Third Transiting Planet in the Kepler-47 Circumbinary System

Observation of a possible superflare on Proxima Centauri

Excitation of Planetary Obliquities Through Planet-Disk Interactions

Orbital decay of short-period gas giants under evolving tides

April 16, 2019 updates

Dual Use Exoplanet Telescope (DUET)

Power for Interstellar Fly-by

Self-Guided Beamed Propulsion for Breakthrough Interstellar Missions

Diffractive Lightsails

On the feasibility of studying the exospheres of Earth-like exoplanets by Lyman-α monitoring

Indications for transit timing variations in the exo-Neptune HAT-P-26b

On the Mass Function, Multiplicity, and Origins of Wide-Orbit Giant Planets

Impacts of Quantum Chemistry Calculations on Exoplanetary Science, Planetary Astronomy, and Astrophysics

Discovery of a Meteor of Interstellar Origin