Interstellar Updates

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February 21, 2018 updates

Vive la radiorésistance!: converging research in radiobiology and biogerontology to enhance human radioresistance for deep space exploration and colonization

Jupiter Analogues Orbit Stars with an Average Metallicity Close to that of the Sun

exocartographer: A Bayesian Framework for Mapping Exoplanets in Reflected Light

The Habitable Zone of Kepler-16: Impact of Binarity and Climate Models

The Habitability of our Evolving Galaxy

The extremely truncated circumstellar disc of V410 X-ray 1: a precursor to TRAPPIST-1?

UKIRT-2017-BLG-001Lb: A giant planet detected through the dust

February 20, 2018 update

Kernel-nulling for a robust direct interferometric detection of extrasolar planets

Discovery of a bright microlensing event with planetary features towards the Taurus region: a super Earth planet

Thorough experimental testing of Multimode interference couplers and expected nulls thereof; for exoplanet detection

Inside-Out Planet Formation. IV. Pebble Evolution and Planet Formation Timescales

Subsurface Exolife

February 19, 2018 update

NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite arrives at Kennedy Space Center for launch

Atomic oxygen ions as ionospheric biomarkers on exoplanets

Spectra of Earth-like Planets Through Geological Evolution Around FGKM Stars

Impact of Gas Giant Instabilities on Habitable Planets

Single Transits and Eclipses Observed by K2

No Giant Planet Pileup Near 1 AU

Interstellar Interlopers: Number Density and Origins of ‘Oumuamua-like Objects