The non-profit Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop, now preparing for its fifth aerospace symposium in October 2017, has announced a new program to annually provide two undergraduate scholarships and one graduate-student scholarship for qualifying students.

The $2,500 scholarships, sponsored by TVIW supporters Baen Books and Digital Oilfield Solutions, are merit-based, and require applicants to complete an essay with their application forms. The deadline for all applications is May 15.

Applicants for the undergraduate scholarships must be high school seniors in the southeast United States (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia) who plan to pursue their first undergraduate degree in mathematics, engineering or science at any accredited, four-year American college or university. Applicants for the graduate scholarship must be full-time college or university students majoring in math, engineering or the physical or social sciences, and must plan to seek a graduate degree in science from an accredited college or university in any of the nine southeast American states.

“The Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop was created to foster and assist the study, research and experimentation necessary to make human interstellar travel a reality, with untold benefits to life on Earth,” said TVIW President John Preston. “We can imagine no better way to demonstrate that goal than the creation of these scholarships, helping new generations of thinkers, builders and explorers to set their sights on the stars.”

For more information about the new scholarships, including application guidelines, visit our scholarships page.

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The fifth TVIW symposium, “Step By Step: Building a Ladder to the Stars,” is set for Oct. 4-6, 2017, in Huntsville, Alabama. The symposium, in partnership with Starship Century and Tau Zero Foundation, seeks to unite aerospace technologists, communicators, psychologists, anthropologists, and other researchers and visionaries to chart the future of humanity’s interstellar adventure. TVIW 2017 is seeking proposals for papers, seminars and workshops. For details, visit our submissions page.

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